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Embrace your celestial self with our Zodiac candle collection, hand-crafted just for you.


Premium, Natural & Hand Made

Treat yourself to a sensory experience that will elevate your self-care game.

    Scented Candles Dubai

    WickMagic is your place to be when shopping for scented candles in Dubai. All our candles are made from Premium fragrance oils and Coconut & Soy wax, which makes them natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    Hand Made in Dubai

    Hand Made With Love in Dubai

    Ethical & Sustainable

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Fast Shipping

    Fast Shipping

    100% Natural Products

    Vegan & Toxin-Free

    Safe & Secure Checkout

    Safe & Secure Checkout

    Supporting Your All The Way

    Supporting You All The Way

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    Discover unique collections with scents that compliment any room in your space.

    Something for Everyone

    Whether you are looking for Candles in Dubai, Air Fresheners, or even Gift Boxes, we got you.

    Husband & Wife Makers

    Creating the soy wax candles you know and love in Dubai since 2023. Our story started as friends, evolving into a marriage, and then into this candle making endeavor.

    We are excited to share our passion with you through our scented candles.

    Abed & Neha Signature
    Neha & Abed
    High Burn Time

    Every single candle is poured by hand. In other words, each one has a small story to tell due to the conditions in which it was made. 


    All the raw materials that we use in our products include zero toxins. We don’t use any chemicals or preservatives. This ensures a safe and luxurious experience.

    Fragrances Based on Aromachology​
    Premium Fragrances

    You can rest assured that we use the best quality oils out there that will guarantee a strong scent throw that can cover any space.

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    Private Label Candles For Your Brand

    At WickMagic, we can craft state-of-the-art candles consistently. This helps your brand stand out in the competitive market of Dubai. Whether you have a shop, an online store, or a temporary event, we can help you craft your signature candles.

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    Shop the scents that you like, and get rewarded for it. Earn points, and gain access to exclusive rewards and benefits.

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    Guides, tips and overall knowledge about home decor and more.

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