Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that we mostly get asked about, are in here.

Candle Troubleshooting:

Candle sweating is completely normal, especially if there are no additives included in the final product. Due to changes in the temperatures, the fragrance oil will seep outside the wax and hang out at the top of your candle. This is especially the case with natural-based waxes.

We produce vegan candles that have your health in mind. Some of our candles can have paraffin inside them, but it is such a low percentage that it does not impact your space what so ever. It is used to maintain the look and quality of the candle.

Yes, all our candles are tested, cured, hand-poured and made with love in Dubai.

A big hole in the candle is what we call “Tunneling”.

It is when your candle does not burn to the corners of the jar. This is due to not burning your candle long enough before turning it off for the first time. We recommend lighting your candle between 2 and 4 hours or until the wax melts from edge to edge.

To fix this you have two options, The first one is to use a blow dryer on the top of your candle till you get an even surface. The second option is to wrap your jar with tin foil and keep an opening for the flame to exit from the center when you burn the candle. The foil will create an even temperature and allows the wax stuck on the sides of the jar to melt.

Our candles have a great scent throw due to the attention and care we put in while making, pouring, and curing the candle. However, candles are not made out of superpowers, so it’s best to keep your candle in a room where drafts are minimal and where the space is optimal for the candle size.

Delivery & Returns

We only return our products under certain conditions. You can check out those conditions on our returns and refunds policy page.

Currently, we ship to all Emirates within the UAE. We have future plans to offer our products internationally.

Orders can be shipped same day if placed before 10 am, and next day if placed after. This only applies to our exclusive collections. You can find out more in our return policy page.

Private Label Service

The payment mode for private label within the UAE is 50% upfront, and 50% prior to delivery. Any private label order outside the UAE is 100% upfront payment.

We provide a wide range of jars, and we constantly add more. Simply reach out to us to gain access to our catalogue.

The turnaround time varies based on the jars and fragrance oils you select. Our raw material comes from the USA, Australia and the UAE. So depending on the availability, it could take anywhere from 5 to 60 days.

We have a low MOQ of 100 candles per order.