Online Candle Making Class (Containers)

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Master the art of making container candles with coconut and soy wax with our state of the art candle making class.

Chapter 1: Introduction

5 lessons


Meet your instructor.

Supplies needed

Find out what supplies you need for the entire course.


Discover common terms within the candle industry.

Downloadable resources

Gain access to all the resources you need for the course.

How to get help

Apart from the WhatsApp group you will be invited to, find out how you can get help in case you get stuck in your candle making journey.

Chapter 2: Candle Waxes

4 lessons

Choosing the right wax

Learn how to choose the correct wax for your application.

Soy Wax

Learn the ins and outs of natural Soy Wax.

Coconut Wax

Learn the ins and outs of natural Coconut Wax.

Blending waxes, or getting preblended

When and how to blend wax.

Chapter 3: Wicks

4 lessons

More than a Flame

Wick Types & Sizes

Learn about the different types of wicks and when to use each.

Wax Melting Point & Wicks

How to Select the right wick size

Chapter 4: Fragrance Oils

3 lessons

What are Fragrance Oils?

Oils and Candles

Fragrance Oil Measurements

Chapter 5: Candle Additives

2 lessons

Intro to Additives

Different Additives, and Their Uses

Chapter 6: Making a Candle

4 lessons

Making your first candle

Candle Curing

Learn the importance of curing.

Candle Testing

Candle making in different weathers

Learn how to handle candles in hot, and cold weathers.

Chapter 7: Candle Troubleshooting

7 lessons

Common candle problems

How to fix candle sweating

Strong Cold Throw, but weak Hot Throw

How to fix a sinkhole and air bubbles

How to fix frosting

How to fix tunneling

How to fix wet spots

Chapter 8: Closing Thoughts

2 lessons

Tips & Tricks

Steal our tips and tricks that costed us a lot of time and money.

Closing Thoughts

Workshop Goals

  • Learn the ins and outs of all the raw materials used to make a candle.
  • Expertly make a candle with coconut and soy wax.
  • Learn all the common mistakes you might encounter in the future, and how to solve them.

What this candle workshop Includes

  • On-demand videos in 4K resolution.
  • Lifetime Access to Future Updates.
  • 8 Chapters & 30+ Lessons.
  • Resources & links to where you can get the candle supplies.
  • A booklet version of the course (Valued at 99 AED, you get it for FREE).
  • Access to a private WhatsApp group to get support, and showcase your work.

Who is this workshop for

This candle making workshop is designed for anyone who wants to make candles, whether you wish to do it as a hobby or to become an expert candle maker.

How do I gain access?

Once you’ve purchased this course, head over to your profile under My Courses, and you will be able to watch the videos on demand, whenever you want, wherever you want, for life.

In case you did not create an account during checkout, you can create an account under the same email you made the purchase on, and you will be able to log in and see your course.

For any additional help, you can always reach out.

Candle Specifications


Become an Expert
Container Candle Maker

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your Instructor

Meet Abed, a candle maker, “Chandler” for multiple years. The face behind the WickMagic brand and the person who formulates all the recipes for the candles sold by the brand.

He will be guiding you throughout the whole process of your container candle making workshop, will wholeheartedly answer any question you might have, and assist you throughout all the lessons.

Become an expert candle maker

Candle Making Confidence

This is not just a candle workshop that teaches you how to make a candle, but rather the science and art behind the candle itself.

From wax, to wick and fragrance, you will gain a deep understanding of the entire process.

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Join a Community on WhatsApp

Get in touch with your instructor directly by joining the WhatsApp group that you will gain access to after enrolling in the course.

Share your work, ask questions,  or discuss anything candle related.

Common Candle Problems
Candle Making Workshop

Learn To Troubleshoot Your Candles

Instead of being stuck, wondering why a candle is coming out with a rough top, is sweating, or is not burning as you would expect it to, your instructor will give you the answers to all those questions by the end of the course.

Steal Our Methods

In the course, your instructor will be revealing all the secrets that cost us a lot of time and money to get right. You are basically getting multiple years of candle making experience in a couple of hours.

Candle Making Confidence

Online Candle Making Class (Containers)

Original price was: 109 USD.Current price is: 54 USD.
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