Our Commitment to Sustainability

At WickMagic, we believe in the beauty of illuminating spaces with our hand-poured candles, and we are equally passionate about lighting the path to a more sustainable future. We’re proud to be a candle business that prioritizes eco-friendliness in every aspect of our operations.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

The foundation of our commitment to sustainability begins with our candle ingredients. We carefully source eco-friendly and toxic-free materials to create our candles. Our coconut & soy wax is renewable and biodegradable, ensuring that the production process leaves a minimal carbon footprint. We also use cotton wicks free from lead and other harmful chemicals.

Artisan Craftsmanship

We take pride in every candle that we hand-pour. This not only ensures that you receive a high-quality product but also reduces the need for energy-intensive machinery and automated processes that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Recyclable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are dedicated to minimizing waste. Our packaging materials are carefully chosen to be eco-friendly, recyclable, and made from sustainable sources. When you receive your order from us, you can feel good knowing that the packaging is as environmentally responsible as the product it contains.

Zero Waste Manufacturing

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with our products and packaging. We’ve implemented a zero waste policy in our crafting process. This means that we repurpose and recycle materials whenever possible, reducing the waste that ends up in landfills.

Using the best that nature has to offer

No to Chemicals

To go even deeper, all of our raw materials are free from harmful parabens, phthalates, and Prop 65 ingredients. If you aren’t familiar with those, in a nutshell, they are chemicals that make things last longer and become more durable, usually used in plastics and cosmetics.

We use natural coconut & soy wax, ensuring that you can enjoy the soothing ambiance of our products without worrying about any unwanted chemicals. We are committed to providing you with candles that are as pure as the light they emit.

We are Responsible!

As humans, we are responsible for taking care of our mother earth. For this exact reason, everyone should participate in the cause and do as much as they can to live a more sustainable life and make a better way for our children and beyond.