Zodiac Candles

Zodiac Candles

Discover your scent story with our Zodiac Candles made with natural wax & premium fragrance oils. Each zodiac sign has its unique taste, which is why our Horoscope Candles are tailored to match your particular preference based on your sign & element.

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Aquarius BG
The Visionary Spark


Aquarius' independence and humanitarian spirit ignite progressive ideas, a spark for change.
Aries BG
The Pioneering Flame


Aries ignites the Zodiac with their bold enthusiasm and adventurous spirit.
Cancer BG
The Deep Well of Nurture


Cancer offers a comforting presence, fiercely protective and overflowing with empathy.
The Unwavering Climb


Capricorn's ambition and discipline take them on a steady climb towards their goals.
The Mercurial Whirlwind


Gemini's adaptable nature and quick wit create a constantly shifting yet engaging energy.
Taurus BG
The Grounded Strength


aurus embodies stability and unwavering determination, a reliable force.
Virgo BG
The Meticulous Mind


Virgo's analytical approach and dedication bring order and solutions with a practical touch.
Scorpio BG
The Magnetic Intensity


Scorpio's passion and resourcefulness create a captivating presence, a force to be reckoned with.
Sagittarius BG
The Limitless Horizon


Sagittarius' optimism and adventurous spirit fuel a constant quest for exploration and freedom.
Pisces BG
The Dreamy Ocean


Pisces' creativity flows like a boundless ocean, filled with compassion and a touch of escapism.
Libra BG
The Harmonious Dance


Libra seeks balance and grace, navigating relationships with diplomacy and artistic flair.
Leo BG
The Radiant Heart


Leo's confidence and generosity warm those around them, a beacon of creative fire.

More Than Just a Candle, It's a Personalized Experience!

When crafting our Zodiac candles, we made sure to tailor each one to the taste of the sign by looking at things like elements, personality, and traits.

Just like all our scented candles, they are made from vegan coconut & soy wax, blended with the highest quality fragrance oils. This means that the candles are free of any toxins, and can be lit safely in any space.

This will give you a sensory experience that is both green, and luxurious at the same time.

Find Your Zodiac Sign

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Beyond the Scent

Being a vegan candle is great, but it does not stop there. Our astrology candles are made to last and have an astonishing burn time of 30 hours. This makes them long-lasting candles while being in 6-ounce candle vessels.

Every star sign has its taste, preferences, and personality. For this reason, we wanted to elevate the unboxing experience even more by including more than just a candle.

Every star sign will have its own personality card that briefly talks about the zodiac. This adds a little touch of relatability and fun to the experience.

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