Quick Guide: How Long Does a Scented Candle Last?

How Long Does a Scented Candle Last

The most common question people ask us is – how long does a scented candle last? We have answered this in this article to clarify your confusion. Let’s dive into the details.

Factors Affecting the Life of a Scented Candle

  • Wax Type and Jar Size
  • Manufacturer Quality
  • Fragrance Concentration
  • Burn Method
  • Drafts and Temperature
  • Wax Puddling
  • Daily Use vs. Occasional
  • Proper Storage

There’s nothing like a scented candle’s warm glow and aroma to set the mood right. However, you might wonder how long a scented candle lasts before switching to a new one.

To your knowledge, plenty of factors affect the lifespan of a scented candle. We have explained each one in detail below so that you can care for your scented candle in the best way possible.

Wax Type and Jar Size

The wax type plays a huge role in deciding the lifespan of your scented candle. High-quality soy wax works longer than the cheaper wax blends, which usually last 30-40 hours on average in an 8 ounce jar.

Along with it, the candle’s size also affects the scented candle’s lifespan. Large candles take longer to burn down completely, while a standard 6-ounce candle might only last 20-30 hours. A 12-ounce jar may burn for 70-80 hours.

Manufacturer Quality

At Wick Magic, we use only premium ingredients and production methods to ensure steady, even burns with minimal residue buildup.

We don’t make our luxury scented candles in bulk, and each candle is hand-crafted with the best materials to ensure the highest quality. This factor directly impacts a candle’s lifespan, which is why we pay great attention to it.

Fragrance Concentration

Fragrance Concentration

Heavier, more complex fragrances require more wax to disperse the scent evenly through a room. Candles labeled as having a “strong throw” contain higher volumes of fragrance oils and natural aroma components.

This makes the fragrance very potent but also slightly shortens the burn time. Lighter, fresher scents use less oils and will burn around 30% longer than heavily fragranced candles.

Burn Method

Consistency is key to making your candle’s life last. Burn times vary greatly depending on how you burn the candle – whether you burn it all the way down in one go or do several short burns over multiple days.

It’s best to burn your candle for at least 3-4 hours to oxygenate the wax and spread the scent steadily.

Drafts and Temperature

Breezes or air drafts near the candle will cause the wax to harden unevenly around the edges and tunnel inward prematurely.

This starves the flame of fuel and causes it to self-extinguish. Use candle safes or place candles out of drafts. Room temperature also impacts burn time. Colder areas cause faster hardening, so candles may burn 25% quicker in a colder space.

Wax Puddling

Taking care not to over-trim wicks and allowing a 1⁄4-inch wax pool to form between burns maximizes airflow to the flame, helping the candle burn efficiently and fully utilize the available wax. Snuffing a candle after each use rather than allowing it to burn out reduces puddling and increases lifespan.

Daily Use vs. Occasional

Candles enjoyed nightly will burn out faster than those lit only periodically. On average, candles lit for longer periods of time may last up to 10 hours less than usual, while occasional use extends burn time may last as advertised and sometimes more. You can shop candles from our classic collection for different occasions to ensure you have something special for every moment.

Proper Storage

Once extinguished, allow candles to cool fully before closing lids tightly to prevent wax damage or smoke buildup inside the jar. Store upright, away from direct heat and sunlight, which can cause wax to melt prematurely. Room temperature dark storage in their original containers extends a candle’s freshness between uses for a longer period of time.

How Long Does a Scented Candle Last

Final Thoughts

If you want your scented candle to last longer, you must know about the factors mentioned above. We promise you the best quality at Wick Magic by ensuring all standards are met during the manufacturing of the candles. Shop from our candle collection and see the difference for yourself!

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