Private Label vs White Label Candles – What’s The Difference

Private Label vs White Label Candles

Thinking of stepping into the world of selling candles? Understanding private label vs white label candles is crucial. Both involve buying candles in bulk and selling them under your brand, but the level of customization differs greatly.

Before we dive into that though, it is important to know how the candle industry has evolved if you are seriously looking into establishing a candle brand.

How Did the Candle Industry Change With Time

How Did the Candle Industry Change With Time

Candles used to be used as a source of light, and then fragrance was introduced, and candles became functional and decorative. Today, the focus is shifting again. Consumers are looking for cleaner burning options and eco-friendly practices.

Brands are moving away from traditional paraffin wax and embracing sustainable alternatives like soy wax candles, meeting the demand for a guilt-free glow. Now you have vegan candles, pet-friendly candles, candles made with essential oils, and the options are limitless.

This is why it is important to know what audience you want to serve, regardless if you want to go with white label, or private label.

What are White Label Candles?

White label candles are the same candles that are offered by a brand, minus the label and packaging. You will get the same jar and the same fragrances that are sold through retail. This is a fast and cost-effective way to launch a new candle business without the need to make the candles yourself.

White label has a faster lead time, but you will get fewer customization options from the candle brand. You will only receive the candle and have to take care of labeling, packaging, and everything else.

What are Private Label Candles?

Private label candles are candles made to tailor your brand’s identity from start to finish. You choose the wax type, fragrance, vessel design, and everything in between. This creates a truly unique product reflecting your brand identity. Profit margins are less when it comes to private label candles, but it is also hassle-free.

The candle brand will design your labels, help you select the perfect jar, and even source your packaging. This means that you don’t have to worry about making the candles, and just worry about getting them to the hands of your audience.

You can also expect longer lead times and higher minimum order quantity (MOQ) because the planning takes more time, and manufacturing companies have specific MOQs that should be met, and this is not in the hands of the candle brand.

Difference between White Label and Private Label Candles

Difference between White Label and Private Label Candles

The difference between private label and white label candles is like night and day, It is technically two different things. Here is a table briefly showing the differences.

White Label Private Label
Jar Customization Limited Full Control
Fragrance Customization Limited Full Control
Lead Time Fast (30-60 Days) Slow (60-90 Days)
MOQ Low (Minimum 10 units) High (Minimum 100 units)
Branding Not included Included
Profit Margins $$$ $$

The only downside to white labeling is that a brand can be offering the same service to so many of its customers. So the fragrance and vessel availability will increase in the market, making your candles, less demanding.

In Conclusion

While white label offers a quick and easy entry point, private label candles unlock the true potential of your brand. By creating unique, natural candles that reflect your values, you can mark your path to success in the booming natural candle market.

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