Aquarius Fragrance: What Does The Water Bearer Prefer

Aquarius Fragrance

Aquarius, the visionary air sign, is known for its progressive spirit, intellectual curiosity, and love of all things unique. But what about their sense of smell? Regarding fragrance, Aquarians crave scents that reflect their individuality and forward-thinking nature.

My husband is in fact, an Aquarian, and before I went ahead and wrote this article, I took his seal of approval by doing some tests with different fragrances before actually selecting the perfect one for our Aquarius candle. Here is everything you need to know about the Aquarius fragrance.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Often depicted as the “Water Bearer,” this sign is symbolized by a figure pouring water from a vase. This symbolism reflects Aquarius’s humanitarian nature and their desire to share knowledge and progress with the world.

Aquarian’s Key Traits:

  • Independent: Aquarians value their freedom and march to the beat of their drum. (Now I know why my husband has a tattoo that says Freedom in Arabic alphabets on his arm)
  • Intellectual: They possess a thirst for knowledge and enjoy stimulating conversations.
  • Humanitarian: Aquarians are deeply concerned with social justice and making the world a better place.
  • Unconventional: They embrace their individuality and don’t shy away from being different.

Sage & Citrus A Match Made in the Astral Plane

Sage & Citrus: A Match Made in the Astral Plane

After running some tests by blindfolding my Aquarian husband and asking him to test out the different candle scents. It turns out, that sage and citrus were his favorite blend. Come to think of it, this blend captures the Water Bearer’s essence perfectly. The refreshing and stimulating blend of sage and citrus perfectly complements the Aquarius personality. Here’s why:

  • Sage: This herb has been revered for centuries for its cleansing and purifying properties. It’s a natural mood enhancer known to promote focus and clarity – perfect for the ever-curious Aquarius mind.
  • Citrus: The bright, uplifting notes of citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot energize and invigorate the senses. This aligns with Aquarius’s optimistic outlook and zest for life.

How Sage & Citrus Benefits the Aquarius

Every fragrance oil has its benefits, especially if it is vegan and is not made from toxic raw material. This is especially the case with our Aquarius Candle, where we use natural soy and coconut wax, matched with vegan fragrance oils to deliver an olfactory experience.

Note Benefit for Aquarius
Cleansing Sage Promotes mental clarity and focus
Uplifting Citrus Enhances optimism and energizes the spirit
Earthy Sage & Zesty Citrus Together Creates a grounding yet stimulating fragrance, reflecting the multifaceted Aquarius personality.

In Conclusion

By understanding the connection between astrology and fragrance, you can create a more personalized and meaningful olfactory experience.

For the independent and intellectual Aquarius, the invigorating scent of Sage & Citrus offers the perfect balance of focus and inspiration. So, light a WickMagic zodiac candle, and embrace your inner Water Bearer.

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